Cyprus-A Trip to Beauty, History and Tradition

We can say that Cyprus look like a golden green leaf  thrown to the sea. A pilgrimage on the island it’s something that can touch everyone!

Cyprus is renowned for its hospitality and has so many to offer to visitors. Travelling to Cyprus you are going to see many samples of Greek culture like Curium, the mosaics of the house Dionysus, the Temple of Apollo and the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty.

Many churches are also remarkable like Panagia of Kykkos, Panagia Trooditissa, Panagia of Machairas, Agios Neofytos, Stavrovouni where you can see a piece of the Holy wood and so many other Byzantine churches and monasteries with precious treasures of Byzantine art.

In Cyprus you can also visit the place where the heroes of the struggle 1955-59 are buried and the hideout of Grigori Afxentiou. Also you can visit the Green Line in Ledras Street at Nicosia the point where Cyprus was separated in two parts from the time that Turkish people came to our island.

Cyprus is also known for the green mountains, the beautiful seas and vineyards. We can also admire the huge dams, the parks, the beauty of cities and villages.

Our island is well known about its delicious meze and wine. Cypriot taverns are always an attraction for tourists.Sieftalies, xalloumi, kleftiko and thousand other delicious foods.

And if you like shopping you can always visit shopping malls and other great shops we have!

A trip to Cyprus is something we should all plan!