Cyprus-An Island worth to visit!

Although there's a lot to be said for exploratory holidays, nothing quite beats a magnificence holiday in the Mediterranean! One of the best places to rest and take a luxury holiday is Cyprus.

The island offers the perfect location for a relaxing holiday in the hot. For those visiting Cyprus, mainly those from milder northern Europe countries, one of the first stations should be the beach.
With summer temperatures getting to 30 degrees, the beaches in Cyprus are perfect for spending a day sunbathing, swimming and enjoying a stress free holiday. As expected, Cyprus has plenty of beaches for visitors. Some of the most popular are in Larnaca and Ayia Napa areas.

The problem is that these beaches tend to be overcrowded, especially in summer! An easy solution for those looking for a quiet, green paradise is to go west to areas such as Lara Bay on the Akamas Peninsula.

Here, visitors will not only get a quieter beach experience but also a great chance to see the green turtle in its natural habitat. The Akamas Peninsula is an area of a natural beauty and it has been proposed as a natural park.

Besides all these attractions Cypriot restaurants are also an attraction for tourists. Many visitors have the chance to taste the unique Cyprus meze! Sieftalies, halloumi, loukanika, pastourmas, are some of the well known mezedes made in Cyprus.

Another popular way to enjoy your vacation in Cyprus is shopping! One of the best ways to get a taste of shopping in Cyprus is to visit the weekly Sunday market in Lanarca.

You will also have the chance to meet with local stores and items such as clothing, souvenirs, local crafts, leather goods, electronic equipment and fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Another shopping area worth visiting is the covered market located at Makarios Avenue. It’s an ideal location not only for shopping, but also for tasting local food!

Whether its sandy beaches or relaxing afternoons spent strolling through market stalls, Cyprus is sure to leave you refreshed and re-energized after a luxury holiday here.