Cyprus traffic safety and road difficulties

Traveling in a foreign country U.S. citizen must know from before the road conditions and the traffic rules to avoid accidents or unpleasant injuries
Recent years, Cyprus is one of the three first countries in Europe in road accidents or traffic fatalities. Speeding and the running of caution lights are commonplace and major causes of accidents. Emergency assistance is offered in the Republic of Cyprus by calling 112 or 199.
There aren’t so many public buses and no rail lines. Taxis are every day and hour available. Drivers use the left side of the road. Secondary roads, mainly in mountainous areas, are narrow and winding, and they are not as well protected as major highways.

Traffic laws, signs and speed limits are dependable from the standards used throughout Europe. Traffic circles (roundabouts) are often dangerous also and need big attention.
The use of seat belts in front seats and child car seats is necessary. Motorcyclists have to wear helmets. Using mobile phones while driving is prohibited unless if you use hands-free kit.

All the cars are necessary to have insurance and authorization to drive them.
Drivers have to pay attention to traffic signs also for a safe driving and avoid alcohol before driving, especially if you are coming from another country.

So be careful and enjoy Cyprus!