Travel Information Visiting Cyprus Island

The largest city which is the capital of the island is Nicosia, known as Lefkosia and is positioned in the central part of the island. Paphos is another city of the western part of Cyprus. Larnaca is the beach holiday destination and is the location of the main airport for Cyprus. Limassol, the second largest city, is located in the south part of the island on Akrotiri Bay.

Greek is the official language and English follows second. Many other languages are spoken in Cyprus also.

Cyprus Island is located in the north-eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is considered as the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sardinia Africa and Sicily.

The island is created with different countryside, historic monuments, sandy beaches, mountain resorts, clear crystal waters and picturesque villages.

The Mediterranean climate characterizes Cyprus with long summers from May to October, and mild winters from December until February. Spring and autumn seasons are little.

Cyprus Island is known for the sunny resorts in the Mediterranean that allows you to do a wide rage of outdoor activities and amusement.

Required clothing is lightweight cottons and linens during summer months and medium warmer clothes and rainwear during the winter.

For the traveler that does not care spending time by swimming, Cyprus Island is a great winter vacation island. Winter vacation period starts from the middle of November till the middle of March with some days bringing freezing or bad winter weather.

Cypriots religion is Greek Orthodox and the currency used is the euro.

The Island has also modern roads and motorways allow with this way easy traveling.

Cyprus is well known for one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet. This diet is based on healthy foods like fruits, fish, vegetables, olives and oil. Restaurants and taverns offer a wealth of choices in Cypriot meze.

About shopping many local products are available for the visitors including leather goods, woven fabrics, ceramics, baskets and local wines and spirits.

Drivers in Cyprus must be 18 years old to have a drive license.

About safety Cyprus is still a very safe island with a low crime rate.

All health requirements are EU standard and any kind of doctors and hospitals are located in the cities and traveler areas. Pharmacies can be found anywhere you are.

Cyprus is an island that its worth to visit!