Cyprus Road Difficulties

Cyprus traffic safety and road difficulties Traveling in a foreign country U.S. citizen must know from before the road conditions and the traffic rules to avoid accidents or unpleasant injuries.Recent years, Cyprus is one of the three first countries in Europe in road accidents or traffic fatalities.

An incredible destination!

Cyprus-An incredible destination! The Island is blessed with over three hundred days of glorious Mediterranean sunshine every year. So if it's sunshine holidays you are looking for then perhaps you should consider taking your next vacation in Cyprus.

A Trip to Beauty

Cyprus-A Trip to Beauty, History and Tradition We can say that Cyprus look like a golden green leaf  thrown to the sea. A pilgrimage on the island it’s something that can touch everyone! Cyprus is renowned for its hospitality and has so many to offer to visitors.

Travel Information

Travel Information Visiting Cyprus Island The largest city which is the capital of the island is Nicosia, known as Lefkosia and is positioned in the central part of the island. Paphos is another city of the western part of Cyprus.

Enjoy Your Vacation

Cyprus-An Island worth to visit! Although there's a lot to be said for exploratory holidays, nothing quite beats a magnificence holiday in the Mediterranean! One of the best places to rest and take a luxury holiday is Cyprus.